There seems to be a pretty big debate about whether marijuana should or should not be legalized. First off, I want to state clearly that my opinion is that it should not, under any circumstances, be legalized. It is fine if it is prescribed to you for medical purposes, but only in the recommended dosage.
First, let’s just say what could be good about legalizing marijuana. We could sell it in stores and tax it, thus vastly improving the economy, because we all know how many people out there smoke it illegally. It would decrease the population in our jails for marijuana possession and illegal distribution. Therefore, we would have more room in our jails for people that really should be in there. Let’s face it, I would much rather have some big time dealer or smuggler in jail than someone with a petty count of possession of marijuana. Also, as a result, people would quit being turned down for jobs because of the marijuana in their system. A lot more people may have jobs.

Now let’s get to the deeper part of the matter; why marijuana should not be legalized. I believe that it shouldn’t be legalized because it would just make it easier and more accessible to our children. If there is no punishment, they will never know it is not exactly a good thing to do. Even if they put an age requirement on marijuana, like that will matter. Do you know how easy it is for minors to get someone to buy them alcohol or cigarettes? It’s so easy! It would be the same way if marijuana were legalized. As a result of this, our children would turn into a bunch of mindless zombies. I read somewhere once that it’s proven marijuana reduces the count of brain cells, but I was quite a bit younger, and can’t remember where. Why would anybody in their right mind allow their children to do that? I personally, would care about their education and level of intelligence.

Another bad thing is that it will cut down on jobs that hard-working individuals whose minds aren’t riddled with a substance could possibly have. If you can’t pass a urine analysis today, you can’t get a job most likely. In the future, what happens when having marijuana in your system is actually considered passing a drug test? It seems kind of weird to me, but then again, that’s just me, and it’s just my opinion.

Getting caught with marijuana nowadays and getting in trouble for it could actually be a blessing in disguise, and it has been for many. Without getting caught in possession of it, they would never have gotten arrested, would have never gone on probation, or taken the deferred program, or gone to treatment, or joined an NA group, and they wouldn’t be the people that they are today. A lot of them realize afterward that they are actually much happier without smoking marijuana. After it gets out of your system completely, you start to think more clearly, and realize that it can feel good to just be sober. I hope we don’t legalize marijuana. What’s your opinion on the subject? Leave a comment and let me know! Opposing side, let’s get a respectful debate going here.